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ClaDev_CDScanner template allows you to get images in your program from any scanner or image device that supports TWAIN method. You can save the image in a BLOB field or a .jpg file.

- Clarion 5 and up.
- ABC and Legacy.
- Single EXE and multi-Dll.

- Copy ClaDev_CDScanner.tpl in your Clarion\3rdparty\template folder.
- Register it in your Clarion.
- Add the "ClaDev_CDScannerControl" template on the window where you want to get the images. It will add 2 buttons:
The "Scan" button to get an image from the scanner.
The "Source" button for select the image device to use in case there are 2 or more installed devices in the computer.
- Copy CDScanner.exe into your program folder.
- Compile all and ready.

Price: U$s 55

If you want to buy it, send an email requesting the purchase of ClaDev_MessageLog template to: or Skype:
Payment method: PayPal
For more info and support send an email to:

Download Demo here


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